Everything you need to know about the RAM 1500 e-torque system

RAM 1500 e-torque system (1)

If you're shopping for a  2020 RAM 1500 , you've no doubt heard of the eTorque Mild  Hybrid System, unique to this line of trucks. Standard on models equipped with a 3.6L Pentastar V6 and optional if you choose the 5.7L HEMI V8 instead, this RAM technology provides additional torque (between 90 and 130 lb-ft) in certain driving conditions. Here are all the advantages of this “RAM 1500 hybrid” in detail before you try it out at  Bessette Granby Chrysler , your Chrysler dealership near Cowansville and St-Jean!

Replacing the alternator, this system comprises a 48V battery, paired with a generator motor and a management system. This system does not entail any loss of space since the battery, of compact size, is located behind the rear seats. To better understand how the eTorque RAM 1500 works, here it is in 6 driving conditions.

RAM 1500 e-torque system

1. AutoStop:

As its name suggests, this is an automatic stop / start system, which cuts the engine when the vehicle is stationary and restarts it when the driver is ready to go. set off again, as we will see in point 2.

2. E-Roll assistance:

When the driver begins to take his foot off the brake pedal, the eTorque system restarts the engine almost instantly and imperceptibly. This will give you 90 lb-ft of additional torque with the V6 engine and 130 lb-ft with the V8, to ensure more efficient “take-off”.

3. Accelerations (upshifts):

The engine lowers speed very slightly before shifting to the next gear. When this happens, the eTorque system turns on and recovers energy to recharge its battery. The gear change is then smoother.

4. Cruising speed:

By reducing parasitic data and maximizing the energy efficiency obtained, among other things, by the cylinder deactivation system.

5. Decelerations (downshifts):

As soon as the system detects that the RAM 1500 is coasting, it cuts off the fuel supply and recovers energy to recharge its battery.

6. Regenerative braking:

Here you will be entitled to 3 levels of energy recovery: eTorque if the braking system does not intervene, pure braking friction without eTorque (if you are traveling at 16 km / h or less) or even a mixture of the 2 previous ones, if the situation arises.

The 2020 RAM 1500 is the only truck in the industry to offer the eTorque system, which gives it a definite advantage over the competition! To find out more about the  eTorque system  or to test drive one of our  2020 RAM 1500s , come see us at  Bessette Granby Chrysler , near Cowansville and St-Jean!
RAM 1500 e-torque system engine