Duel at the top between the 2019 Ford Explorer and the 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee in Granby

Duel at the top between the 2019 Ford Explorer and the 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee in Granby

The Ford Explorer has long been a benchmark in the mid-size SUV segment, against the Jeep Grand Cherokee, also a key figure in their segment in Montérégie. But with the 2019 Grand Cherokee, the Ford SUV has found one to talk to. Find out why you should choose your 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee at your Granby Chrysler dealership over the 2019 Ford Explorer below!

2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee

And it all starts with the exterior design, where the Jeep SUV clearly displays its outright off-road DNA on the roads of Granby against a 2019 Ford Explorer with more “civilian” lines. The 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee clearly shows its exceptional off-road capabilities at first glance with greater ground clearance and more aggressive lines than the Explorer which offers more consensual lines that initially seem to destine it for on-road use. . With the 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee, you will have an SUV that really looks like an all-terrain vehicle on the roads of Montérégie. If it's a backpacker look you're after, then the 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee is your best choice!

2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee front

The impression of performance is also confirmed under the hood and is clearly to the advantage of the 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee. While the Ford Explorer offers only three engines with relatively similar powers (Ecoboost 2.3-liter engines with 280 hp, Ti-VCT 3.5 of 290 hp, and EcoBoost 3.5 of 365 hp), the Jeep SUV offers four, with a wider range of power offered (V6 Pentastar 3.6 of 295 hp, V8 HEMI 5.7 of 360 hp, V8 SRT 6.4 of 475 hp, and the ultra-sporty supercharged V8 6.2 of 707 hp), you will be able to benefit from power at all times on the roads of Quebec, with performance that can touch those of the best current supercars if you choose the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk and its supercharged 6.2 V8. This latest engine block makes the Jeep the fastest SUV ever,

In both cases you will be entitled to standard all-wheel drive, both for the 2019 Ford Explorer and the Jeep SUV. However, the system of the 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee clearly plays in another category. Indeed, WardsAuto has established the Jeep SUV as the mid-size sport utility vehicle with the best 4x4 capabilities in its segment. So, if you want to enjoy superior performance in all conditions in Montérégie, the Jeep Grand Cherokee is once again the best alternative for you!

2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee interior

It is one thing to offer peak performance regardless of the surface and the weather; it is quite another to offer them in exceptional user comfort. And on this point, our new 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee will not disappoint you! While the 2019 Ford Explorer is more conservative in its interior design, notably with a center console or a plethora of buttons, the 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee plays the card of minimalism with a more refined center console and a dashboard favoring the horizontality in its lines. The Jeep thus offers less visual distraction compared to the Ford SUV so that you can devote yourself to the road when you drive on the roads and paths of Montérégie.

2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee interior 1

In terms of on-board equipment, the 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee has a clear advantage over the 2019 Ford Explorer. Indeed, the Jeep Grand Cherokee offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility as standard through its UConnect infotainment system, when the Ford Explorer only offers it as an option with its Sync 3 system. In addition, from entry level you can count on bucket seats with support adapted to off-road driving, on air conditioning, on a steering wheel with integrated infotainment controls, among the long list of standard equipment. You could also take advantage, depending on the version chosen, of the sumptuous panoramic sunroof which will make you see the landscapes you cross every day in a different light!

Come see us in Granby to discover our 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee for sale in Montérégie before going to see the 2019 Explorer in dealership! Also take the opportunity to discover our current Jeep promotions and financing offers !

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