Discover UConnect 5 technology with Granby Chrysler

Discover UConnect 5 technology with Granby Chrysler

Today, the overwhelming majority of vehicles have advanced in-vehicle technology, not only for telephony, but also for navigation and entertainment. Fiat Chrysler is no exception to this rule and recently unveiled the very latest generation of its UConnect system , namely UConnect 5 . What does he offer? What new features does it have? Which vehicles will benefit first? Your Chrysler dealership in Granby , Montérégie , can tell you more about this most advanced system!

What is UConnect?

UConnect is the on-board technology found in Chrysler , Dodge , Jeep , RAM and Fiat vehicles , offering a host of features related to connectivity, entertainment, navigation and communication, among others. There is even a UConnect app that will let you control some functions remotely.

In addition, select models offer the UConnect cinema entertainment system ; you can then connect your phone, game console, tablet or digital camera to it. Passengers seated in the 2nd and 3rd row - if applicable - will then be able to play video games, watch a film or even take the opportunity to recharge their electronic devices thanks to the numerous USB and MHL sockets within their reach.

UConnect cinema entertainment system

The new UConnect 5 system

Already greatly appreciated by buyers, the UConnect 5 system will offer you even more, with a speed 5 times greater than that of the existing generation of UConnect. The very first vehicle to benefit from this upgraded version will be the Chrysler Pacifica minivan ; subsequently, other models of the manufacturer's various brands will offer UConnect5.

Among the new features of UConnect 5, there is more information on the main screen, which means less navigation from one screen to another while driving. So you can control features like heated seats and air conditioning, to name a few, from the main screen. In addition, you can connect 2 phones simultaneously, enjoy the wireless Apple CarPlay / Android Auto function, the connection to the 4G network as well as the use of voice commands to use Amazon Alexa for example.

To find out more about UConnect technology , visit Granby Chrysler today!

UConnect technology

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