2nd & 3rd chance credit

2nd & 3rd chance credit

Times are tough for you and your family, and your situation is likely to last for some time, but you still need a vehicle to get to work and get on with your day-to-day activities? At your Granby Chrysler dealership in the Montérégie region, we know that it's not always easy to make ends meet, especially with this pandemic. Yes, this period is proving to be particularly difficult for some people, but nevertheless, life keeps on trucking.

Because life goes on

In order to help you get through without too much damage, and also because we believe that your freedom is paramount, we offer you the best financing rates so that you can continue to move around, for work, shopping, bringing the children to their activities, etc. A car loan should not necessarily grab you by the throat, but on the contrary, allow you to pursue your activities so that you and your family can continue to live as normally as possible.

We are listening

Whatever your financial situation, our financing experts are attentive to your needs and will help you obtain auto credit by first evaluating your eligibility for a 2nd chance credit, and even a 3rd chance credit. In partnership with financial institutions, our specialists are committed to finding you a car loan at the best possible rate and under the best possible conditions. Together, we can help you restore your credit.

Whatever your situation

So, even if you've been bankrupt, you're self-employed, you're applying for your first loan, in short, whatever the circumstances, start by filling out a credit application, it's quick, easy, and rest assured that we will treat it confidentially.

Don't wait any longer and come see one of our financing experts, and together we will do everything we can to help you regain your peace of mind. More than 60 years ago, we made a commitment to ensure your satisfaction, and today more than ever, our team of advisers is committed to making sure you return home happy and confident. Don't let your financial worries get the better of you and regain your freedom by purchasing a vehicle at the best possible rate.